Hey again! I am an outdoor enthusiast, tech geek, forever student, iced vanilla latte addict, and loving dog dad (check out the pictures for a cute pitbull). I am resourceful, driven, curious, and a strong leader. I bring a different perspective and a fresh lens through which to examine the work.

I graduated with a BFA in Performing Arts and tailored my degree specifically toward creative leadership. I directed three productions of various mediums and took each project as an opportunity to immerse myself in new facets of creative production such as marketing or cinematography. Later in my college career, I founded a student-run organization that provides the resources for students to expand their artistic voice and a safe space to bring their projects to life.

While I will forever love the theatre and the astounding group experience it can achieve, I found myself gravitating towards creative direction, web and brand design. I want to create projects that feel authentic and tangible, all while feeling clean, modern and intentional.

All of these experiences sparked a love of storytelling, learning, creative problem solving, clear communication, and leadership. Recently, I’ve realized the larger scope of what fuels me is helping passion-driven people tell their stories and connect with their audience, something I am passionately pursuing in my professional career.

Got any questions, drop me a line!

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